Since 1884, the BONNAT family has worked to source and transform the best cocoa feves (beans) from around the world to delight any discerning palate.  Stéphane BONNAT remains loyal to family traditions. He travels the world to visit plantations in equatorial forests, to discover or re-discover rare and precious cocoas.

Later, in Voiron, France, the selection of 56 origin cocoas is transformed. “Grands Crus du Cacao” Historique et d’Exception come from BONNAT cocoa plots and partner plantations.

Each harvest is individually treated with great care, to give each type of cocoa particular attention from the roasting stage to grinding and crushing.  Several days are necessary to transform the cocoa beans to reveal the delicate aromas which characterise BONNAT chocolate.

This extraordinary 130 years heritage of passion, rigour, and collaboration with cocoa plantation allies allows Maison BONNAT to distribute this remarkable product around the world.

Numerous French prizes and international awards have justly rewarded the passion of the BONNAT family.

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