Boite Les Farfadets 132g

Product Description

A delightful box with 24 assorted chocolate squares!


After having spent the summer 1822 in Scotland, Charles Nodier, a brilliant novelist, wrote a fantastic tale, Trilby or Le Lutin d'Argail (Argail Elf). Times were in favor of elves, goblins, fairies, wizards and vultures, and after the terrible years of the Revolution and the Honors of Empire, intellectuals rush back to the national roots, and firstly to local indigenous folklore.

Children were captivated by such tales, but images were still quite soft, not as realistic and disturbing, depicting polite and elegant children dressed as elves, than they will be in the second half of this century. This case was ordered many times by Louis XVIII to offer to children. It was filled with napolitains, small chocolate rectangle shaped bars wrapped with colourful paper.

This case was not issued after 1848, re-appears years later after 1918 and re-issued in 2013.