Boite Les Chats 156g

Product Description

This delightful box is filled with divine chocolates!


The Paris 1867 World Fair is a landmark in the upsurge in Europe of Japonisme, born in France after 1858 but until then limited to small aesthetes' circle. In 1867, for the first time in Japanese history, a delegation of craftsmen lead by the Shogun Tokugawa young brothers came and exhibited their products.

Bronze Medallist, Debauve and Gallais, issued a new case, reflecting the taste of the public trend of the time. Cats (who will become some years later, famous in the French cabarets world), with a Far East syncretic style with background decoration, half Japanese, half Chinese with solid contrasting colours with design inspired from Japanese etchings and golden arabesque copied from Satzuma porcelaine exhibited at this occasion.

This box was withdrawn from the market in the 1920's and re-issued in 2013.